Skyjump Trampoline

Hook the bungees to your harness – start jumping on the trampolines – and soon you’re bouncing 25’ in the air while performing somersaults and flips! 

The Skyjump is a great activity for anyone between 20 and 200 lbs. All ages are welcome. Our friendly staff gives tips and pointers to anyone wanting to learn how to do a front or back somersault. Notice the smiles and looks of increasing self-confidence after the first somersault, especially in children!

Each participant wears a safety harness and is connected to a rope/bungee system for safety. The Skyjump is great exercise and a fun, confidence-building activity!

The Skyjump Bungee Trampoline is located in the Events Plaza or in front of the Cable Car in the Village at Squaw Valley.



Open Daily 11am - 7pm Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day Weekend

Winter 11 am - 7 pm Weekends & Holiday Periods (weather permitting)

Cost:  $12 for 5 minutes (longer if no one is waiting!)