Safety Information

Safety has always been and always is our number one concern. Fun is a close second!

Our Ropes Course was built and is maintained by experts who use state-of-the-art safety equipment and materials for the course.  Waist harnesses and climbing helmets are supplied to every participant. Everybody who climbs is attached to a safety cable system or a rope and belayer with a modern belay device engineered to handle any falls. All ropes and gear are pre-checked prior to every session and retired at the first sign of wear. Occasionally we teach and permit participants to handle the belay system for each other and as a result, cultivate trust and responsibility - integral components of team/relationship building.

The Ropes Course at Squaw Valley Adventure Center was constructed by a nationally reknowned company which played a major role in establishing standards for the Association of Challenge Course Technology.

The Skyjump Bungee Trampoline was designed, engineered, and built by the original German company that created the idea. All parts of the structure, harnesses, and bungees are checked every day the Skyjump is in operation.

The Headwall Climbing Wall was built by a nationally reknowned company with over 15 years experience building climbing wall and gyms. All equipment is name brand and is checked daily.